Biden Leaves America

President Biden set out on an excursion, making his first international trip since elected, in an effort to increase “foreign relations”.

Officially, the White House released a statement that the president will work to “advance key U.S. policy priorities on public health, economic recovery, and climate change, and demonstrate solidarity and shared values among major democracies”

His travels will include: The G7 Summit in England (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, & Italy), a visit to Queen Elizabeth, NATO Leaders, and a visit to Vladimir Putin in Geneva where he is “expected to press the Russian Leader” on issues such as “human rights”.

G7 Summit

“Nearly everything President Biden and his administration does weakens America’s standing in the world,” – Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.).

Sen Marco Rubio

Similar to Sen Rubio’s statement, it seems as if our own Planet may suggest a similar response, as President Biden’s international flight was delayed due to a cicada infestation. To such an extent, a new plane had to be flown in.

This international trip comes just months after Biden shared a special two-hour phone conversation with Communist China’s President Xi Jinping.

The two discussed delicate issues such as Taiwan, COVID-19, Climate Change, Human Rights Abuses, Weapons, and Unfair Economic Practices. During the call, Xi Jinping warned a “US confrontation would be a disaster for both nations”. Biden concluded the call by publicly stating “They’re going to, if we don’t get moving, they are going to eat our lunch.”

Hopefully this first in-person international meeting will result in stronger US relations, which may seem like a stretch after Biden’s continued criticism of Putin.

During an interview with ABC last March Biden was asked about a 2011 interaction with Putin where Biden stated he didn’t think Putin had a soul. Biden has also stated Putin “will pay a price” for ‘interference’ with the 2020 elections. Biden also publicly responded to George Stephanopoulos when asked if he believed Putin was “a killer” to which Biden replied “I do” he continued “The price he’s going to pay, well, you’ll see shortly” We can only hope these past remarks aren’t an indication of our current standing with international foreign leaders.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated the importance of an in-person meeting with Putin.

White House Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

Jake Sullivan suggested a face to face meeting would “give us an opportunity to communicate from our President to their President what American’s intentions and capabilities are and to hear the same from their side.” additionally he added that “being able to look President Putin in the eye and say, ‘This is what America’s expectations are. This is what America stands for. This is what America’s all about.’ This, we believe, is an essential aspect of US-Russian diplomacy. Dialogue with Russia is not a sign of weakness … and we need to talk to Russia, partly to strive for a better relationship. But even if we don’t believe in a better relationship with Russia, we need to manage a difficult relationship with Russia”

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